Monday, August 1, 2011

goodbye windsor

We left windsor!!! yay!!!
We moved to Ottawa last week, and have about 80 boxes to unpack. ill be back when its done!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mrs. Solomon,

Thats me! Mrs Solomon.
If you wonder where I have been, its quite simple. I was off getting married!
Wedding was wonderful, August 15 2010. First I had a bachelorette party to start of the celebration. Saturday we had a dinner for close friends and family and out of towners, and then the big day Sunday, with a brunch Monday. The wedding day was very busy, and I was up early!!! All went well, and my groom was so handsome. Im really excited to get pictures from the photographer.
We were then off to the Mayan Riviera, to Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun. It was amazing!! I really recommend it.

Me walking down the aisle...
Handsome groom
Aprons for my bridesmaids
Bachelorette party

Thanks for looking Daddy!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


well its been a while! to recap on whats going on with me..

had my bridal shower in May! was really fun, got some great pictures! Lots of good presents! One of the best parts, my friend Taryn from florida surprised me by showing up!
At the end of May I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding ! it was really fun to see my first friend getting married. 2 weeks later we were back in Montreal for another wedding!

I turned 25! Jon and I went to grand haven michigan for a little beach getaway, it was very nice, only 3 hours from windsor.

and the biggest news yet, is less than 7 weeks to the wedding!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my big adventure

yesterday i ventured out all alone to michigan for the day. I had high hopes of coming back with shopping bags. sadly that didnt happen! I started out at 915am, and went to my first location.
I went to so many different cities. Auburn hills, troy, farmington hills, novi, and detroit. I was looking for wedding shoes, found none! Every shoe has a 6 inch heel! are they crazy!
I ended up buying a hair clip to wear to the shower, a bra, and two books. thats all! I didnt even have to hide anything at the border!
I was so tired when I was driving home, I couldnt wait to get there. Well as I turned the corner to get onto the bridge separating windsor and detroit, I was backed up the whole length of the bridge! I had to wait one hour in line for the border, the whole time on the bridge that shakes every time a truck goes by! This is literally two minutes from my apartment, so annoying.
not a fun day!
today I went for lunch with my friend from here, we went to coras, not chez coras, in ontario they call it coras. and shocking, there was a wait! crazy for windsor! there is never a wait or traffic anywhere!
I made jon and I an excellent supper, chilean seabass fish, it was so good! its exepensive, but we dont have it often.
no work tomorrow, yay!
shower in 2 weeks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hi all
back in windsor, and before i know it, im back in montreal in 2 weeks! the shower invites are out, and its very soon!! im really excited. i hope that its everything i want it to be. If anyone has any good ideas for anything, let me know!
when I was home last week it was very nice, except for all the passover food that doesnt agree with me.
here is a picture of the shower invitation, its much nicer in person!!oh and i also tried on my wedding dress!!!!! i was so nervous, but i love it! it fits very well, just needs to be shortened, a lot!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hi aLL

today is my fourth day in a row with no work, love it! Im still getting a 5 day work week in as im going to work tomorrow through sunday,. and then monday, im off to montreal for 8 days! yay! unfortunately i have to take the train this time. yuck. and i have to take the long one, which will get me in ontime for passover dinner. Im right now in the middle of making my bridal shower invitations. they are really nice! Im going to probably cut everything, and then assemble them with my mom and sister.
Ive been enjoying my new moon dvd! and im reading the twilight books again, so good!
thats all the news for now! 5 months til the wedding!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tomorrow my friend taryn from florida is coming! yay! I will pick her up in michigan after work tomorrow. I was home a few weeks ago, it was very nice. I actually had time to relax, and finally clean my room! It was also my dad and grandpas birthdays. My grandfather turned 94, and he was having a very good day.
Somehow I arranged my work schedule, and I will have 9 days off at the end of march and beginning april, so im going home for Passover! very excited, its around the corner.
Tomorrow at work we are going to the casino for an outing, I hope I will be lucky again!